Robbinsdale Area Schools

Drop-Off Procedures

Please Note: Any changes to the Parent Pick Up at the end of the day must be done by 11:00 am. We encourage all parents to make their changes before the school day begins and contact the classroom teacher.


Our Parent Drop Off Line is in front of the school. Please follow the line and wait in the cars until dismissed in the school parking area. Students on Boone Avenue should stay in the car for safety reasons. The Meadow Lake Staff will direct the parents for the drop off area at the school. 

The staff is on duty starting at 7:40 am. It is important that the parents keep the students in the car until the signal from the staff to dismiss to start the school day.

Students will then be directed by the staff into the school. We appreciate all of the kindness from our parents in the morning as we prepare the children for the school day.


Parents will receive a car tag at Open House (or when enrolling at Meadow Lake). The car tag should be displayed on the rear view mirror for easy viewing. This allows our staff to walkie into the building the students that are being picked up. Students must have their number on their backpack to match the car number. 

It is the parent responsibility to make sure that whomever is picking up the child has the proper car tag. 

We appreciate all of our parent support in this process!