Robbinsdale Area Schools


Welcome to our First PTO Meeting of the Year. We are glad that you are joining us.

My name is Jeanne Rehnberg and I have been the PTO President for the past four years. This has been a great time to build relationships with our famlies. We look forward to you joining us at the first PTO meeting.

All our parents and/or legal guardians of students currently attending Meadow Lake Elementary and all current staff are invited to attend our meetings and be involved with PTO's activities. As outlined in our bylaws, the purpose of our PTO is to:

  • Provide support for Meadow Lake Elementary (MLE) students and staff to ensure that our children develop the academic and social skills necessary to become lifelong learners and good citizens.
  • Provide and encourage opportunities for parent education and involvement.
  • Perform fundraising, recruit volunteers, and coordinate programs that support activities and purchase equipment for the school to enhance MLE students' experiences.
  • Facilitate relationships and promote open communication between administrators, staff, parents and community members.

Our Agenda for October will be:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Presentation by Food Service
  3. Discussion of By Laws
  4. Principal Report
  5. Requests 
    1. 5th Grade Farewell
    2. Paraprofessional Day
    3. Family Night
  6. Closure