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Nurse Notes

Nurse Notes

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  • The health office is in need of new or gently used clothing items to stock our emergency clothes closet.  Our greatest need is for pants for smaller children.  Sweatpants work great!  Parents, please consider placing a spare pair of pants, underwear and/or socks in your student’s backpack.  As we move into colder/snowy weather, we see a lot of kids coming in for a dry pair of pants/socks but don’t always have any to lend.  If your student comes home with borrowed clothes from the health office, please wash and return them so we keep our supply for next time!  


  • Thoroughly washing hands is the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick, or to keep from infecting others. The typical person’s hands contain millions of microbes. Most are naturally occurring and are harmless, but some may be disease-causing germs. Vigorous hand washing, for at least 20 seconds, and using soap, is the best way to lift off the germs and rinse them away. Good hand washing can reduce your risk of getting sick by up to 50%--WOW!!!  Please practice and model good hand washing skills at home with your child.  

BRRRR…..It is getting cold outside.  All children are expected to participate in all school activities including recess every day.  Per district policy, recess will be moved indoors if the outside temperature falls below zero degrees or -10 windchill.  Please make sure your student is properly dressed for this weather.  If your child has a weather-related activity restriction due to a health condition, please provide a letter from your healthcare provider stating the restrictions to the school nurse.  If you are in need of winter clothing, please contact our school social worker.