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Welcome to Meadow Lake Elementary, a community school with a big heart for students, families, and our wonderful neighborhood. We encourage everyone to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be a Bucket Filler – and in turn we make sure all students Belong in our joyous building.


Our school believes in “catching” kids doing good, and we do! Each month finds us focusing on a theme like kindness, gratitude, or giving – and handing out “eagle tickets” to everyone who exemplifies the theme. We find many reasons to celebrate with students and families alike, which is how we all become bucket fillers!

Building on a foundation of trust and caring, Meadow Lake’s veteran educators work with students in small groups to make sure everyone has the support they need. We know how much young people gain from hands-on learning, and you’ll see it happening throughout our school.

Leadership opportunities abound here, like patrolling crosswalks, sharing the morning announcements on video, and helping younger family members get to school safely. We’re always looking for novel ways to lift up the values we embody – through painting, drumming, or rapping the Meadow Lake Rap.

Strong community partners support our students and our school to listen, learn, and lead.

A student give a thumbs up to the camera


Students who complete elementary at Meadow Lake will enroll in Plymouth Middle School and Cooper High School.

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