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Braun's Brain Buster Page!
You've come to the right place to play some fun, critical thinking games!
Get those thinking caps on and have some fun!
Mrs. Braun, Tech Integration Specialist

Play "Set" online!


Solve Puzzles with Caillou!


Try to get your car out of
the traffic jam in Rush Hour!

See how you do at Mancala!

Can you break the secret code in:


Find your way through

The Maze

Hexadecimal Drum Machine
Create your own drum rhythms!

Can you "hop" over all the

pegs, and leave just one peg


Check out a Game of Checkers

Challenge the computer to a game of


Test your memory in a game called "Simon."



Try to fill up a row, by turning the shapes the right way, before they land on the bottom, in a game called: Tetris

Do you enjoy puzzles?

Then click here!

Can you figure out what the

difference is between

the 2 pictures?


There are lots of things to do at Zoom!

Play Connect 4 by yourself or

with a friend!

Can you make par? Play a game of

mini golf!

Can the computer read your mind?

Check out these two websites!

Play games, have a story read to you,
listen to music, and lots more!

Play games with all your favorite

Sesame Street characters

on this website!


Play with words and

learn to read with

Lionel and Leona!

Take a journey to Seussville! There are lots of fun games to try!

Click on a link to solve some mysteries !

Math Maven's Mysteries

Word Searches!!

Play Tic Tac Toe with a butterfly!


Click on the links below for Science Fair

project ideas!

Cool Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Central


Can you move the "Tower of Hanoi?"

Move all the discs from the
left post to the far right post. 
The trick is, you can never place a bigger disc on top
of a smaller disc! Start with
3 discs, and work your
way up to 12 discs!

Rotate and connect parts of the pipe to complete the pipeline and make the water flow from the tap to the drain. 


This is a numbers game.It's challenging, but fun!  Good Luck! 
Try both versions. 



Use blocks of code to take Steve or Alex on an adventure through this Minecraft world.



If you like geography,
play GeoNet!

Do you enjoy Mad Libs? Then try creating some crazy stories on these websites!

Build a galaxy with Code!


Math Magician Do you know your math facts? See if you can beat the clock in these timed tests to become a Math Magician!


How long will it take you to reach 100? Click on the unfriendly ghosts to find out!

Giggle Poetry

If poetry is your thing, check out this website for some fun poetry games! You can even try to write your own silly verses in Poetry Class!

Do you know your capitals? Try the Penguin Capitals game!

Coding with Anna and Elsa!



How many words can you make in

the alphabet soup?

If you like geography and want to
practice your states and capitals, take a peek at this website!


Play the eyeballing game!

Make Your Own Movie!

Johnnie's Math Page

Do you like math? You will find lots of fun math games on Johnnie's Math Page.


What is Metamorphosis?
Click on the butterfly to find out!

Answer questions to help end hunger!  For each question you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program!


Make your own comic strip!

Design a Cell Phone!

Help the highway patrol

investigate the evidence

at the scene of this car crash.

Find out what it's like to be a

Brain Surgeon!

How do simple machines work?



Create some fun designs with cubes on Cubescape!

Listen to the story about

the boy who cried "wolf!"

Learn about the bones in your body!


Paint your own picture online !

Write your own friendly letter!

Enter the Reading Ring, if you dare!


Play some cool games with a "cool" cat!