Students at Meadow Lake have always enjoyed having a book fair.

Mrs. Esty’s Story

Retold by Emma Shine and Aleena Le


Mrs. Esty and her former student, Mrs. Braun (Jean Fellbaum).

Mrs. Esty use to be a teacher at Meadow Lake, and we’re here to tell her story. Meadow Lake used to not have enough room in the school for all of the grades, so they had to have kindergarten in the gym. There were more than 1000 kids in the school, and they even had classes in the supply closets.  Mrs. Esty had 36 students in her room during her first year here.

The music teacher had to come to the classes, and she had to bring the stuff on a cart. They only had gym once a month.  The kids had to have lunch tickets instead of typing in numbers.  The library used to be where the art room is now.  Did you know that Mrs. Braun and Mrs. Larsen (2nd grade teacher) had Mrs. Esty for their third grade teacher, back in 1978?

The Mrs. Braun Story (Enrichment Coordinator, 2000-2010)

Retold By Lena Lu and Jocelyn Hernandez

Did you know that Mrs. Braun went to school at Meadow Lake?  Also, did you know that she has a twin sister? In fifth grade, Mrs. Braun (a.k.a. Jean) switched classes with her twin sister, Julie. Jean’s teacher asked Jean and Julie if they wanted to play a trick on Julie’s teacher.  So one day they set up the right time to both ask to go to the bathroom at the same time, and Jean would come back as Julie in Julie’s class. Julie would come back as Jean in Jean’s room.  When she got to Julie’s room, all the kids whispered, “Are you Jean?”  She answered, “No, shhhhh!!” In Jean’s room, they were going to take a German test, but Julie didn’t know any German.  So she was asking for the answers.  All of the other students couldn’t believe that Jean would cheat on a test!  Later on Jean’s teacher asked the other teacher if she knew that the real Jean was in her room all day.  She didn’t, so they all thought that was pretty funny. Then he let the real Jean take the German test over again.  They all started laughing.


Here you can see Mrs. Braun in her 3rd grade music program. She's the one in the bright pink dress.

This was in 1978.

Mrs. Larsen (2 nd grade teacher) Story

Told by Mrs. Larsen

Retold by Chris Biedia and Tyler Driskill

Mrs. Larsen remembers having a Meadow Lake Patriots book bag that was blue on one side and red on the other.  Her best memory of when she was a student at Meadow Lake was when her whole grade level (2nd grade) wrote on postcards and attached them to helium balloons.  She also remembers the whole 2 nd grade all going out on the blacktop to let the balloons go. She watched her balloon until it was just a tiny speck in the sky.  Weeks later, her postcard was found and sent back to Mrs. Larsen’s classroom.  It had drifted ALL THE WAY TO ARIZONA!!! Below is an article that was written in the Star & Tribune Newspaper about the balloon release.


UP UP AND AWAY---About 180 2nd grade students at Meadow Lake School, New Hope, released balloons filled with helium as part of a science project.  Postcards with students' names and address were attached to the balloons and the students hope that people who find the balloons will return the cards.  Shirley Norlem, one of the school's 2nd grade teachers, said that five years ago during a similar project, people sent back cards from as far away as eastern Michigan.  This year the balloons contain less helium in hopes they will travel farther.


Here Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Braun, and Mrs. Braun's twin sister were walking

in the annual Halloween parade around the school. Can you tell who is who?


These leather Meadow Lake Patriot bags were very popular in the 1970s.

They were red on the front and navy blue in the back.

1977-1978 Grade 2 Yearbook Photos
1978-1979 Grade 3 Yearbook Photos

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