1980-1981 Grade 5 Yearbook Photos
1981-1982 Grade 6 Yearbook Photos

Retold by Grant Pooley and Ferhan Abdisa


Mr. Brown was principal at Meadow Lake in 1982.  The first year he was here, they closed Thorson School.  He got right in the middle of it and had to appease all of the parents who didn’t want their school closed.  He came over from Fair School.  He took over from Mr. Tharp who rode a bicycle around the building.  They told him he should ride one too, but he didn’t.   He started the book fairs. They didn’t have a school store.  He says we used to call ourselves the Meadow Lake Patriots. He's not sure why they changed to the Eagle Mascot, but he thinks it's because the Patriot carried a gun, and that somebody thought that wasn't appropriate for an elementary school.

Meadow Lake Playground from the late 70's-Early 80's:

The Elaine Granquist Story

Retold by Tyler Driskill and Chris Bieda

Mrs. Granquist worked at Meadow Lake from 1981-1993.  She told us that first grade always had a pet show.  All the kids that had pets brought their pets to school.  It was held on the playground.  There were different tables for dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and fish.  The pets LOVED it.


Mrs. Granquist told us that when she was teaching at Meadow Lake from 1981 to 1993, they had a different lunch system.  Instead of punching in lunch numbers, the kids bought 5 lunch tickets at the beginning of the week and put their names on them.  The teachers would keep their tickets.  The kids used them one at a time.  If the students didn’t want to use a ticket, they would bring a lunch from home.  Sometimes the teachers would lose the lunch tickets.

Now, we use a computer and a PIN pad to buy our lunches.  Our parents send lunch money when we need it, and the lunch ladies put it in the computer.  When we go to lunch, we punch in a PIN number that is given to each of us at the beginning of the year, or sit down at our table if we brought a lunch from home. It is much easier than using tickets, and the teachers can’t stop us from getting lunch because they can’t lose a PIN pad and a PIN number!

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This is how our media center has changed from the 1980s to the 2000s.
This was the "Easy Section" of the Media Center where Mrs. True, our librarian would read to the students.


Elaine Granquist in the Media Center--2007.


The Ms. Shea Story (Special Ed. Teacher until 2012)

As Retold By Bryan Thao

Rose Shea has been here for 6 years, and the rooms she’s been in are 5, 17, 21, and 29. The grade levels she has been in are K-5. “The playground is completely different. I liked every new equipment ! ” she responded to me. “As you can see we moved my classroom often.” Ms. Shea told me. But can you tell me who the woman in the in the glasses is? If you guessed Ms. Shea, you were you were right! Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah she told me she’s been in lots of rooms.

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Mrs. Woelflin (3rd Grade teacher until 2014) & Ms. Shea in the 1980s. Mrs. Woelflin & Ms. Shea in 2007.

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