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Meadow Lake's First Principal: Mr. Tharp
He was very well loved!  Former students remember Mr. Tharp riding his bike up and down the hallways of Meadow Lake, flying kites out on the playground, and sketching pictures of the students.
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As Retold By Donchevelle Bowles


Ms. Bolstad and her former student, Deb Olesen.

Ms. Bolstad taught here at Meadow Lake in 1963 and she retired in 1996. Before she retired, she worked in rooms 5 and 6, which turned into 18 when 12 rooms were added to the school. After that, she moved into room 19, and she only taught first grade.

When Ms. Bolstad was teaching, she says the girls could only wear dresses. They had to wear slacks under their dresses when they went outside, and when they came in, they had take their slacks off.


Retold by Mrs. Klimes

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Ms. Bolstad told us that her first principal, Mr. Tharp, was very patriotic. He had a 48 star flag that had been flown over a ship someplace that he would fly on our flag pole at different times. When Meadow Lake had “Patriotic Days”, they would start the day with the national anthem while standing at their desks. Then everyone would go outside, and a Boy Scout group would raise the flag. The sixth grade band would play “America”, and everyone would sing before going back in.

Paper Drives were really popular back in the 60's and 70's.  The classes at Meadow Lake would compete to see which class could collect the most papers to recycle.


Ms. Bolstad also told us about a kid getting stuck in the snow on the playground, and everyone had to pull him out. Then the custodians had to dig out his boots.


Ms. Bolstad and Mrs. Esty both told us about the turkey they would put in the courtyard at Thanksgiving time.They said they would put a collar on it and walk it around with a leash.


Here's Ms. Bolstad with some students on "United Nations Day." (She's the one on the far right.)

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The courtyard used to have a pond and a turtle. It looks very different today (2007). It was completely renovated in 1997 and dedicated to the memory of Janelle Lindberg, who was a first grade teacher at Meadow Lake and daughter of our secretary, Cheryl Lindberg.

Image Image  LunchLine

The lunch ladies used to wear white dresses and aprons.In 2007 they wore tie-dyed shirts!

Pictured on right:Rose Zezza, Nancy McLaughlin, Mary Nylin, Carol Anderson, and Kate Eisenzimmer

1962 Meadow Lake Staff Pictured Below:


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